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Together this duo has more than 30 years of experience in building strategies.  We like to make things easy, comfortable and excellent for brands, individuals and up-starts.

Our towering strengths are in brand, marketing and creative strategy.  But we can't resist implementation planning... weird right?


A peculiar, lively bird

She is a 20-year retail expert with a wide range of successes from visual and store design to brand and marketing.  Her experience with store launches include national chains like Family Christian Stores (300 store nationwide) and Finish Line (500+ stores nationwide) along with "shop-in-shop" concept development and build-outs (Finish Line at Final Four).

Amy's success  with campaign launches, seasonal shops, and product presentations with worldwide brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Timberland led her recognition as a best in class Visual and Store Design Expert.  In 2004, she was asked to become an Advisory Board Member of Visual Merchandising and Store Design.  She is an active blogger for VMSD today.

Amy's extensive experience building marketing, brand, store design, and creative strategies sets her apart.  Her approach is driven by an intimate view of the brand and the community it hopes to impact.

Garrigan is an accomplished marketer and brand strategist with broad research experience that compliments her retail background.  Her successes have earned her the trust and credibility with the industry and inspired her to build the consulting firm, Archie & Eldred.


•  12+ years as Vice President Brand and Marketing for Family Christian Stores

•  Four years with Finish Line Inc. as Director of Visual  Merchandising

•  Three years with Edison Brothers Inc. as Visual Manager of eight retail chains

•  Architected store launch programs for three national chains (range in annual revenue from $24M - $60M+)

•  Ten years conducting local/community immersion research to identify sensitivities and opportunities.

•  Twenty years experience in the design and implementation of marketing plans based on research, analysis and performance findings

•  Designed three "shop in shop" concept stores for Family Christian, Finish Line and Edison Brothers chains

•  Re-designed Family Christian concept store and co-designed marketing plan in 2015

A peculiar, lively bird.



A smooth character

He is a 20+ year design expert, acknowledged for his ability to visually articulate and express brands identity.  He is a thoughtful, dynamic, and innovative brand advocate for clients.  Eric is savvy and highly skilled in a multitude of design competencies and for a range of businesses including retail chains Edison Brothers Inc. to Target (150 stores to thousands of stores).

Eric has enjoyed successes in private label brand and product development with Aquarius Ltd., one of the countries largest accessory suppliers for men, women, and children.  His experience with freelance and corporate work spans across the design landscape into magazine ad design, vendor catalogs, creative strategy, at retail and web signage/banners, promotional campaign art direction and all of the leadership required to accomplish these feats.

Eric is advanced in Adobe Creative Suite, conceptual mapping, and creative services.  His approach is driven by the needs of the client balanced with his expertise and proven track record.  His successes have earned him the trust and credibility with so many clients over his 20 years designing.  He is energized by working with his wife in their new consulting firm, Archie & Eldred.


•  Developed comprehensive brand identity kits, including logos, typography, image selection, photography styling, copy points, mood boards and mock-ups, website development, and standards for three up-start brands.

•  Led early stages of entrepreneurial start-up process of brand strategy development for a host of organizations ranging in size from start up and non-profit, to organizations of over $300M in sales.

•  Designed magazine ads for national publications and designed a series of multi-page catalogs for international brands.

•  Directed creative and design strategies for marketing campaigns for retailers (Edison Brothers, Aquarius Ltd, and more), non profits (Schools, Churches, Ministries, Family Christian Stores) and start-ups (The Motor City Mile, McRae Restorations, Noffsinger & Co, Here To Serve).

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