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(Eldred) Gregory Peck Garrigan has a way of holding people captive. He’s a thinker, a mathematician, and a wordsmith. At the age of four he declared that his eight year old brother was “an impish little boy.”

We had to go look up “impish” to continue the discussion. This is standard operating procedure with Gregory.

He is known for having solid capital. At one point he was thinking about what he might do with his wad of cash and we suggested that he invest in Archie & Eldred.

“What’s THAT mean?” So I told him something like “Say you ‘invest’ - meaning you give us $100 for example, we might agree that in return for your investment we’ll give you 10% of the profits. So if we make $100 million dollars, how much would you get?”

Before I could figure out how many zeros to drop to answer my own question - his eyes widened and without a word walked off.

A couple days later he approached me “Ok. Mom, I’d like to invest $100 in Archie & Eldred and I want 15% of the profits. Deal?”

Our search for Chief Financial Officer is over.


Archie & Eldred

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